Design Process

Our design is a marriage of creativity and technical systems rather than one or the other, or just the bland interpretation of an Architect or Interior Designer's rendering.

The design process at the conceptual phase includes participation in compilation of the design brief, a holistic survey of the environment surrounding the project, and active participation in the brainstorming concept design workshops with other designers / involved parties. This deepens the quality of the concept drawings and research, and the development of the final concept strategy presentation.

The schematic phase involves further study and analysis of the various systems consolidated within the concept with development of visualization techniques, through use of CG simulations and renderings clarifying inter-related technical aspects and calculations that develop the schematic layouts, integrated control systems and, finally, compilation of a collective, cost effective budget.

Once the budget is approved, the design process continues with development of detailed analysis of effects, finalization of coordinated layouts that determine spatial performance criteria, component specifications, analysis of coordinated technical details and requirements to ensure design integration, operation schedules, budget estimates and value engineering.

We provide assistance during the tender stage by preparing comprehensive tender documents for the respective discipline for issue by the client or his QS and clarify queries raised by the tenderers. We evaluate the technical aspects of the tender returns, interviewing the tenderers together with Client and relevant parties, and analyze acceptability of tender offer (including cost).

Day to day supervision (in and out of the office) is crucial to ensure every aspect of design is executed holistically. A clear description of the design intent is the key to successful execution - particularly when multiple disciplines are involved. Our participation in regular on-site meetings is essential to respond to the inevitable design changes and revisions that occur during most projects, checking and coordinating the combined service drawings with the design intent, approving products, alternatives where required as well as final system adjustments, focusing, and (where the scope is included) programming of control systems.

Completion of each project includes site visit work with the relevant implementation contractors to ensure that effects comply with the design intent. We work with the Client and the other Consultant's to ensure that any 'defects' are clearly documented for follow up and to ensure consistency across all disciplines-which is the hallmark of a first class project.